Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Oskar Schlemmer, "Bauhaus Logo", 1922

Bauhaus, "Chair and Lamp", 1922

Bauhaus, "Table Lamp", c. 1922

Bauhaus, "Chair", c 1922

Joost Schmidt, "Bauhaus Poster", 1923

A modern school where students build various crafts. It came out a necessity from the war. The architecture is unique to the building and artistic thought is encouraged. Painters were asked to paint pieces inspired by its architecture. Teachers from around the world were asked to come and teach at the Bauhaus, such as Kadinsky, the abstract painter. Iten also taught at the Bauhaus. The teaching methods were different from other schools during this time, especially when the Depression hit. Students from various countries and walks of life came to the Bauhaus to learn from some of the best artists and craftsmen in the time. Today the Bauhaus continues to inspire students with its unique structure and collection of arworks from years past.

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